How To Control Gnats In Your Home Gnats

Gnats are little creatures that are quite Annoying They buzz around people’s heads, and swatting will not drive them away. They cause distress to potted houseplants since they invade in great numbers. To get rid of them, you would need to know what attracts them and try to control that. Dampness and rotting matter attract them. They feed on the fungus found in damp places and on rotten fruits and lay their eggs in moist places. They also tend to go to sources of carbon dioxide. These tips will help you to control gnats in your home.

1. Get rid of moist soil surfacesadcaAdCAdCAcsdsad

The moist soil of potted plants is a breeding ground for gnats. Use dressings like sand or chippings of slate on the soil surface to prevent them from laying eggs in the soil. You can try to water the plants from underneath so that the surface remains dry why the roots get water supply. Changing the soil regularly also helps. It gets rid of gnat eggs before they hatch.

2. Empty and clean trash cans

Smelly trash attracts gnats in swarms. You can easily avoid this by regularly disposing of the waste before it starts showing signs of decomposing. After emptying, clean the can with warm soapy water and use a deodorizing substance if possible. The strong smell will keep the creatures away.

Alternatively, you can use a trash can with a lid that covers it completely leaving no possible entry points. Use old newspapers or any other paper to cover cans that have no lids.

3. Use gnat traps

These traps are made by placing jars containing either rotting fruits or vinegar in places where gnats frequent. Gnats get attracted, enter into the jars and get trapped. All you have to do is regularly empty the traps and add new bait. You can also get rid of it in house by  using home mage gnat traps.

aseAdXCazdsfdadsf4. Keep kitchen and bathroom clean and moisture free

Excessively moist conditions create a feeding ground for gnats. Always ensure that places, that are likely to get moist, are wiped immediately. Pour bleach or ammonia solution into sinks to eliminate drain gnats. Wash dishes immediately they are used. Leaving them dirty is inviting a gnat infestation in your kitchen.

Sometimes, infestations might be so severe as to warrant more drastic measures. In such cases, you may want to consider spraying them with an insecticide. Always ensure the chemical is not harmful to your pets.  You can also use a vacuum cleaner that has a hose attached to it, to suck them from places where they in large numbers.…